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OLS Joinwit JW3109 Optical Light Source

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KodeOLS Joinwit JW3109
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Detail Produk OLS Joinwit JW3109 Optical Light Source

OLS JOINWIT JW3109 optical light source can provide 1 to 4 output wavelengths to meet specific requirements, including the 650nm red source and the 1310/1550nm wavelengths for single mode fiber or the 850/1300nm wavelengths for multimode fiber, as well as other wavelengths according to customer needs. Together with the JW3208 optical power meter, it is a perfect solution for the fiber optic network characterization.

Features :
– Provides 1~4 output wavelengths which can be optional according to customer’s needs
– CW, 2Hz modulation output at 650nm, and CW, 270Hz,1KHz,2KHz modulation output at other wavelengths.
– High stability of the output power
– Stable output wavelength
– Backlight LCD display supports night operation
– Compact size and decent appearance
– Large LCD, easy operation
– Alternative 10 minutes Auto-off function conserving battery life
– Include SC + FC Adaptor/head

Applications :
– Maintenance in Telecom
– Maintenance CATV
– Fiber Optic Lab Testing
– Other Fiber Optic Measurements









Emitter Type

FP-LD,LED or others please specify

Typical Output Power (dBm)


-7dBm for LD, -20dBm for LED

Spectral Width(nm)

1.   ≤10

Output Stability

±0.05dB/15mins;  ±0.1dB/ 8hours

Modulation Frequencies



Optical Connector

FC/ universal adaptor


Power Supply

Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries)

Battery Operating Time(hour)


Operating Temperature(℃)


Storage Temperature(℃)




Weight (g)


Joinwit Recommendation
JW3109 Handheld Light Source is designed for optimal use with JW3208 Optical Power Meter for measuring optical loss on both single mode and multimode fiber cable.

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